Kathie Jones


With 45 years of solid residential and commercial real estate experience, including many years here in New Bern, Kathie Jones offers a spectrum of services to help you accomplish virtually any real estate objectives:

  • Choosing a New Home: With scores of exclusive listings throughout the region --and hundreds more available through many local affiliates, chances are Kathie has the home you want, where you want it, and in your price range. There's never been a better time to buy: prices are reasonable and loan interest rates have dropped. 
    Contact Kathie and see what we've got for you! We also have a plentiful selection of condos, apartments, and home or condo leases available.
  • Selling Or Leasing / Renting Your Home: Declining mortgage rates, cold northern winters, and New Bern's rapidly growing popularity with transplants of all ages (and with retirees) means the market for selling, leasing, or renting your home is definitely getting better. If you've hesitated, contact Kathie. We'll help you analyze the market from the perspective of your needs and wants -- and we'll explain today's very genuine market opportunities. 
  • Establishing a New Location for Your Business: New Bern's business community is healthy and growing. Whether you want to move to a better location, move that garage-based "home" business to a permanent location, or sell your commercial real estate, we can help. We have buyers, we have sellers, and we have a spectrum of great locations. Contact us today for details. 
  • Finding Financing / Legal Counsel: We know professionals who can help you with loans, purchase and sale agreements (PSAs), additions, remodeling, zoning issues -- virtually any real-estate related transactions. We'll be happy to refer you to the best local people. 
  • Getting Sound Real Estate Counsel: Just want to talk about the market and when might be the best time to make a move? Contact us. We'll be happy to see you and help in any way we can. No obligation and never any pressure -- just traditional southern hospitality and helpfulness!